Ponder Investment Co. 

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Chicago, Ponder Investment Co. (PIC) is a registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisor Act of 1940. The independent, employee-owned firm specializes in fixed income investments for healthcare systems, universities and other not-for-profit clients. PIC manages approximately $1 billion for 40+ clients. Examples of funds managed include project or construction funds, debt services reserve funds, general corporate funds and board designated funds.

At PIC, our goal is to maximize risk-adjusted returns through active management within our clients’ guidelines and objectives. All portfolios are socially screened.

Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy begins with understanding our clients goals, objectives and risk tolerances; we then customize a solution to meet those needs. Meeting our clients return objectives with lower volatility while providing a high level of service are what has made the firm successful. PIC's sole focus is high quality, fixed income investing.

PIC employs active management of duration, the yield curve and sector and security selection decisions to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns.

Investment Management Solutions

PIC focuses on creating customized investment solutions for each client. Instead of offering a set choice of fixed income investment products, we work with clients to determine their specific goals, objectives, constraints and liquidity preferences. It is from these critical discussions that we develop a unique investment program. Through ongoing, close communication with the client we are able to adjust the investment program should the needs of the client change.

For those clients with similar objectives, we have created relevant performance composites, which may be used to set expectations for performance of invested assets. A few of our composites are highlighted in the section below.

Enhanced Cash Short

A higher-yielding alternative to money market funds with a target duration of three months. We seek to provide principal protection while enhancing return and providing daily liquidity. We manage both separate accounts and a trust vehicle, Ponder Enhanced Cash Trust (PECT), in this style. PECT's inception date is September 30, 1997.

Enhanced Cash Long

This investment approach suits a client with a strategic allocation to cash that may not be needed for day-to-day operating activities. The target duration for these assets is one year. Over time, the ability to extend beyond money market maturities is expected to enhance overall returns. Offered for separately managed accounts only.

1 to 3-Year

An intermediate fixed income management approach with target duration of approximately 1.75 years. Suitable for assets that are not part of the liquidity reserves, but that may not be perpetual in nature. Offered for separately managed accounts only.


An intermediate to long-term fixed income approach suitable for debt service reserves, pensions, foundations or other "permanent" assets. This investment style should have the highest returns for those with a long-term horizon. The duration of these assets is approximately 3.50 years. Offered for separately managed accounts only.

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