Bradley Dills

[10-July-17 12:00:55]
Mr. Dills joined Ponder & Co. in 2017. As an analyst in the Capital Advisory Group, he is primarily responsible for providing quantitative analysis in...

Reggie Ramsey

[30-June-17 8:00:30]
Mr. Ramsey joined Ponder in 2017 as Chief Business Development Officer. He is responsible for business development and brand management across the organization. In his...

Charles L. Stafford

[17-March-17 8:00:02]
Charles (Chuck) Stafford joined Ponder in 2017. With over 27 years of investment banking experience in the healthcare, higher education, and housing sectors, Chuck brings...


Robert W. Jaeger

[27-June-16 8:00:54]
Mr. Jaeger joined Ponder & Co. in 2016 and is responsible for evaluating the financial performance of hospitals and healthcare systems, valuation, strategic options assessments,...


Holly C. Houston

[8-June-15 8:00:12]
Ms. Houston joined Ponder & Co. in 2015. As a vice president for Capital Advisory, she is responsible for evaluating the financial performance of hospitals...


Karl S. Henkel

[14-July-14 11:17:56]
Mr. Henkel joined Ponder & Co.’s Mergers and Acquisitions Group in 2013. His daily responsibilities include developing financial models for engagement projects, assisting in preparation...

Jeffrey B. Sahrbeck

[14-July-14 11:15:49]
Mr. Sahrbeck joined Ponder & Co. in 2014 and is primarily responsible for advising clients on all aspects of capital formation and strategy.  He has...
Grant Ostlund

Grant Ostlund

[2-July-14 16:45:50]
Mr. Ostlund joined Ponder & Co. in 2001 and currently serves as a managing director for the Capital Advisory Group. Mr. Ostlund has provided services...