Month: October 2018

Announced Hospital M&A Activity Report 2018 Q3

Q3 2018 recorded 25 announced transactions, which is the second lowest quarterly total since the beginning of 2017, although the first three quarters annualized volume is similar to 2017’s full year total. Target Beds: Average 951; Median 138 Target Rev. ($’s MM): Average $976; Median $139 Not included in the above are pending transactions at the letter … Continued

South Broward Healthcare District Series 2018 Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds

$101,575,000 Series 2018 Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds About South Broward Healthcare District South Broward Healthcare District (d/b/a Memorial Healthcare System or “MHS”) is located in Broward County, Florida and operates an integrated healthcare delivery system comprised of five hospitals, a multi-specialty physician practice, a clinically integrated physician hospital organization, post-acute providers and other health care … Continued

Parkview Health Care Series 2018 A,B & C and 2019 A

$82,015,000 Series 2018A Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds $33,035,000 Series 2018B Federally Taxable Fixed Rate Bonds $32,710,000 Series 2018C FRN $22,120,000 Series 2019A Tax-Exempt Forward Delivery Fixed Rate Bonds About Parkview Health System Parkview Health System, Inc. (“Parkview Health”), is a community based Indiana nonprofit corporation operating a physician-led regionally integrated health care delivery system. Parkview … Continued