Month: October 2018

South Broward Healthcare District Series 2018 Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds

$101,575,000 Series 2018 Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds About South Broward Healthcare District South Broward Healthcare District (d/b/a Memorial Healthcare System or “MHS”) is located in Broward County, Florida and operates an integrated healthcare delivery system comprised of five hospitals, a multi-specialty physician practice, a clinically integrated physician hospital organization, post-acute providers and other health care … Continued

Parkview Health Care Series 2018 A,B & C and 2019 A

$82,015,000 Series 2018A Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds $33,035,000 Series 2018B Federally Taxable Fixed Rate Bonds $32,710,000 Series 2018C FRN $22,120,000 Series 2019A Tax-Exempt Forward Delivery Fixed Rate Bonds About Parkview Health System Parkview Health System, Inc. (“Parkview Health”), is a community based Indiana nonprofit corporation operating a physician-led regionally integrated health care delivery system. Parkview … Continued