Month: February 2019

The Latest on LIBOR Phaseout

In August 2017, Ponder published a paper, “What you need to know before LIBOR disappears”, outlining the uncertainties surrounding the eventual discontinuation of LIBOR. Since that paper was published, there have been some important developments related to a LIBOR phase-out. SOFR (“Secured Overnight Financing Rate”) has been designated by the Alternative Rate Reference Committee (ARRC) … Continued

University of Kansas Health System Series 2019A Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds

$93,000,000 Series 2019A Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds University of Kansas Health System The University of Kansas Hospital Authority (“KUHA”) is a Kansas nonprofit corporation organized to own and operate the University of Kansas Hospital (the “KU Hospital”). The mission of KUHA is to improve the health of Kansans and to provide patient care in specialized … Continued

Foreign cash, loose capital bolstering healthcare real estate

By: Alex Kacik with contributions from Jeffrey Sahrbeck (Modern Healthcare online) A confluence of factors is feeding demand for healthcare real estate, including robust domestic demand, related interest from investors outside the U.S. and relatively easy access to capital. The rapidly ascending ambulatory sector—one of several trends impacting the undulating healthcare real estate landscape—is feeding … Continued