Month: April 2020

Peninsula Regional Series 2020A Fixed Rate Bonds

Bond Sale Date: April 28, 2020 $95,995,000 Series 2020A Fixed Rate Bonds About Peninsula Regional Health System Peninsula Regional Health System, Inc. (“PRHS”) is the largest and most dominant healthcare delivery system in the southern Maryland, southern Delaware and northern Virginia portions of the Delaware-Maryland-Virginia Peninsula (known as the “Delmarva Peninsula”).  PRHS owns and operates … Continued

COVID Impact on Hospitals and Health Systems

Not-for-profit hospitals and health systems could experience a drop in their liquidity of 40-to-60 days cash on hand due to COVID-19’s two-front war of significant declines in volume, combined with the steep equity market decline, including the Dow’s worst first-quarter performance ever. On January 20, 2020, the first positive case of coronavirus was confirmed by … Continued

Bon Secour Mercy Health Series 2020, 2020A, and 2020B Bonds

Bond Sale Date: April 8, 2020 $1,160,995,000 Series 2020 Bonds, consisting of: $389,680,000 Series 2020 Taxable Fixed Rate Bonds $683,895,000 Series 2020A Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds $87,380,000 Series 2020B Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Put Bonds About Bon Secour Mercy Health Bon Secours Mercy Health, Inc. (“BSMH”) is the nation’s fifth largest Catholic nonprofit healthcare system, providing … Continued

Hospital M&A in the Age of Coronavirus

By: Lisa Phillips with contributions from Chris Schoeplein (Levin Associates online) Hospitals have always been a prime target in the healthcare services market. Suddenly the novel coronavirus pandemic has thrust them squarely into the national conversation. While the attention is warranted, it hasn’t been completely positive regarding a shortage of intensive care beds and personal … Continued