Month: October 2020

Huntsville Hospital System Series 2020B

Pricing Date: October 13, 2020 $233,000,000 Series 2020B Bonds Objectives The Huntsville Hospital System (“HHS”) wanted to take advantage of favorable market conditions to bolster its balance sheet, given recent and future project expenditures. In a growing market, HHS is in the process of augmenting its main campus with a new bed tower and parking … Continued

Mercy Health Series 2020 Tax-Exempt Fixed Rate Bonds

Pricing Date: September 29, 2020 $36,900,000 Maturing in 2050 $341,670,000 Maturing in 2053 Objectives In order to take advantage of the current low rate environment and bolster its balance sheet, Mercy Health (“Mercy”) aimed to achieve the lowest yield to maturity through selling as many 3.00% and 4.00% coupon bonds the market would allow. Challenges … Continued