About Us

Our Story

Ponder & Co. is a leading financial advisory firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. We have been providing financial services for not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare systems for more than 40 years. With complete objectivity, we advise clients on the most suitable and prudent way to access capital.

In addition, we provide unsurpassed market expertise in the analysis and application of interest rate swaps and other derivative products. We also provide Mergers & Acquisitions advisory services and we manage cash and fixed income investments.

Our ultimate goal is to empower our clients with the information they need to make the most informed decisions. Our sole focus is to serve as a financial advisor to not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare systems. We have refined our services to concentrate on three critical areas: Capital Advisory & Derivatives, Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment Management.

On Our Team

We believe no single professional can possess all the knowledge and experience clients require. That is why we believe in the team-of-experts concept. A senior officer in charge of each relationship. As unique needs arise, other specialists in our company can be called upon to provide clients with the benefit of their experience.

For example, during a client engagement with a healthcare system that was developing its plan for the future, we drew upon one expert to create a financial model and assess the system’s credit, while three additional executives utilized their expertise to design an interest rate swap, price its bonds and invest the funds it raised.


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    Senior-level executives are strategically paired with clients. Each relationship manager has a minimum 20 years of experience.
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    We focus exclusively on financial services for the healthcare industry. This gives our staff a rare level of expertise, which they devote full-time to clients — free of conflicts of interests.
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    Each of our staff specializes in one product or service: capital advisory, derivatives, mergers & acquisitions or investment management. As experts in their areas, they save our clients time and money while adding value to the process.