Ponder Recognized as Top Financial Advisory firm by Thomson Reuters

17 Jan


Ponder Recognized as Top Financial Advisory firm by Thomson Reuters

Ponder & Co., a leading healthcare financial advisory firm, announced today that the company was ranked as the No. 1 financial advisor in new healthcare debt issuance, according to Thomson Reuters’ 2018 Municipal Market Analysis.

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Ponder had a nearly record year despite a significant decline in issuance due to the 2018 tax reform changes and overall uncertainty about the economy. While healthcare issuance was down 43% overall, there remained a significant need to borrow for new capital projects and to restructure debt for many existing and new clients. Ponder advised 63 clients who issued almost $9 billion in debt transactions, nearly twice the amount of any other firm*. In addition, the Ponder strategic advisory group worked with 29 clients on 31 transactions.

“2018 proved to be a transition year for our market and many health systems.” Said Jeffrey Sahrbeck, Managing Director and Head of the Capital Advisory Group at Ponder. “With tax law changes, rapidly increasing short term rates, and revenue pressure across the industry, we are proud that hospitals and health systems turned to Ponder to help meet their capital needs. While we have advised many of our clients for years, others were new to the firm in 2018 as they looked for a fresh perspective in uncertain times. Our unparalleled experience and market focus allowed us to guide all to successful transactions and ensured them a strong foundation as they face continuing market pressure.”

Ponder’s transactions include work with some of the largest multi-state health systems in the country, single state health systems, standalone hospitals, and specialty hospitals (specifically children’s hospitals). Ponder served as advisor on 5 of the 10 largest transactions of the year, but at the same time, worked on 101 separate transactions (more than any other firm) with market share of over 50%.

As Larry Gosnell, SVP and Treasurer at Prisma Health, noted: “Ponder was selected as our financial advisor in 2017 and was integral in developing and implementing our 2018 plan of finance, which helped us bring together our two separate capital structures and merge two organizations into one. Our multistep process included a bridge financing to take advantage of acquisition financing treatment in the Spring, a MTI modernization and substitution over the summer, and a multi-Series financing in the Fall which took advantage of public and private debt, and fixed and variable rate options. Ponder played an integral part in all aspects of the planning and execution, and was essential to our ultimate success.”

Ponder has been one of the top two financial advisory firms for the last four decades. Per Thomson Reuters, Ponder has advised on more transactions than any other firm in the country for not-for-profit healthcare over the last 5 years*.

* Thomson Reuters (includes public and private not-for-profit healthcare issuance, credit split when multiple advisors were involved)


Ponder is a leading financial advisory firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. We have been providing financial services for not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare systems for nearly 45 years. With complete objectivity, we advise clients on the most suitable and prudent way to access capital.

In addition, we provide unsurpassed market expertise in the analysis and application of derivative products, provide Mergers & Acquisitions advisory services and manage cash and fixed income investments.

Our goal is to empower our clients with the information they need to make the most informed decisions. Our sole focus is to serve as an advisor and trusted partner to not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare systems.